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Telling Voters the Truth About Proposition 1
26 September 2008
KING TV 5 Up Front of 05 Oct 2008 (Sun)
Seattle Times of 23 July 2008
Seattle Times of 27 September 2007
NoToProp1.Org..... based on the work of transportation professionals--researchers, engineers and economists--who have nothing personal to gain from the huge flow of tax dollars required by Prop 1. These professionals know solving a problem takes more than just throwing Prop 1 tax dollars -- $107 billion tax dollars collected over the term of the bonds -- at it.

The texts of the NoToProp1.Org Voters Pamphlet Statement and NoToProp1.Org radio follow. Links to the sources of specific information cited, to other research, and to our research associates are in the red column on the right of your screen. We have also included links to other Prop 1 opponents, and to historical data on the 2007 Prop 1 vote. This information is included because so little has changed between the Prop 1 of 2007 and the Prop 1 of 2008.

We also provide links to the government agencies that want so much of your money--so you will hold them accountable--because once started, there is no stopping Prop 1 taxes--even if the projects are never completed or don't work as promised. Prop 1 is One Big Open Ended Tax Increase, but the track record of these agencies is to levy taxes, and not complete projects at all, much less on time or within budget. That's a big reason--a $107 Billion reason--we say No to Prop 1. We can do more, now, better and with less.


NoToProp1.Org Voters' Pamphlet Statement 

Just last year, voters said No to Prop 1, but Sound Transit simply won't listen.  We said No because Prop 1 costs too much, does too little, and takes too long.

No To More Taxes:

Do you know how many tens of thousands of dollars Prop 1 taxes you and your family during your lifetimes?

Prop 1 more than doubles its part of the regressive local sales tax, forever...increasing the overall sales tax to 10% in some places.

No To More Empty Promises:

Can you name one promise Sound Transit has made, and kept?

Remember their Ten-Year Plan of 1996?  It's billions of dollars over budget and at least ten years behind schedule.

Look closely at Sound Transit's Prop 1 light rail plan.  Few will ever ride it, because it doesn't go anywhere most of us go.

And Sound Transit admits their plans won't reduce traffic congestion.

Most of Sound Transit's riders are taken from existing bus routes, only a few are "new" riders.  Clearly, we can do better.

The Wrong Tax, At The Wrong Time:

Prop 1 is the biggest local tax increase in Washington State, ever.

No to More Taxes for More Empty Promises: 

For the existing taxes we pay to Sound Transit, they still owe us more bus service, more Sounder service, light rail from Sea-Tac Airport to the UW or maybe Northgate, and a test ride. 

So why would we give Sound Transit any more of our money until they deliver what we are already taxed for in their Ten-Year Plan of 1996?

Vote No to Prop 1, Again!


Text of NoToProp1.Org Radio

Both presidential candidates, both candidates for Governor, and most economists agree- this is the wrong time to raise taxes on working families. But Sound Transit simply won't listen.

Prop 1 is the biggest local tax increase in Washington State, ever.

Do you know how many tens of thousands of dollars Prop 1 taxes you and your family?

Prop 1 more than doubles its part ofthe local sales tax, forever...increasing the sales tax to ten per cent in some places.

Prop 1 is more Sound Transit promises, but can you name one promise they have kept? Their Ten-Year Plan of 1996 is billions over budget and at least ten years behind schedule.

Last year,voters said NO to Prop1 because it costs too much, does too little, and takes too long. Even Sound Transit admits Prop 1 won't reduce traffic congestion.

That's why the Seattle Times says, "Reject Prop 1's Tax."

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