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NoToProp1.Org is a group of concerned voters and taxpayers, including business people, transportation professionals, environmentalists, highway engineers, rapid transit advocates, citizen activists, and elected officials, current and former, who serve or have served in nearly every level of government.

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Seattle, WA 98111

Most importantly, polls indicate we have a majority of people from Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties who commute daily to work, supporting our effort. They know--and we believe--that there is a better way to fix our regional transportation problems than just throwing $107,000,000,000 at them.

A number of highly qualified individuals and organizations, working in the public interest, have subjected the transportation plans and proposals of politicians and governmental organizations to close and objective scrutiny. We have utilized that research, and would like to thank and acknowledge some of the sources:

Eastside Transportation Association

Washington Traffic Institute

Coalition for Effective Transportation Alternatives

Public Interest Transportation Forum

The Sierra Club

Many more individuals and local and national transportation associations have also helped, with their work and research, to identify better, simpler, more efficient ways to improve transportation in the Pacific Northwest than that proposed by Prop 1.


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