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News Articles of Importance About Prop 1
Seattle P-I of 22 October 2008

Prop 1 Claims Are Hard To Support

Everett Herald of 14 October 2008

Huge commitment to light rail is premature

Seattle Times of 26 September 2008

Seattle Times: Reject Prop 1's Tax

KING TV 5 Up Front of 05 Oct 2008

Prop 1 is Back!

Seattle Times of 23 July 2008

Ron Sims Says No to Prop 1 Do-Over

CrossCut.Com of 22 June 2008

The Case Against More Light Rail by Doug MacDonald

Seattle Times of 13 Dec 2007

From the Ashes of Prop 1 Rises Plan B: Lean, Green, and Now

Seattle Times of 08 Nov 2007

Sierra Club Exit Poll on Prop 1: Why Voters Said No

Seattle Times of 01 Nov 2007

The Seattle Times Says No To Prop 1: Wrong Plan, Wrong Tax



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King 5 TV...Ad Watch...NoToProp1.Org
Seattle Times of 21 Oct 2007

Prop 1: Free-For-All Over Roads, Transit

Tacoma News Tribune of 21 Oct 2007

Prop 1: How Much Will It Cost You???

Seattle P-I of 19 Oct 2007

Prop 1 No Cure For Commute

Seattle Times of 14 Oct 2007

The Seattle Times Says Reject Proposition 1

Seattle Times of 14 Oct 2007

Sorting Out Prop 1 Congestion Claims

Seattle Times of 12 Oct 2007

Should you trust Sound Transit now?

CrossCut.Com of 12 Oct 2007

What if Prop 1 fails?

Seattle P-I of 11 Oct 2007

Stop Light Rail In Its Gold Plated Tracks

Everett Herald of 07 Oct 2007

Prop 1 Costs Too Much, Does Too Little...

Seattle P-I of 05 Oct 2007

Prop 1: Consider These 10 Points...

Everett Herald of 30 September 2007

Pricey Sound Transit Ballot Measure Is A Tough Sell

CrossCut.Com of 29 September 2007

Seattle Times of 27 September 2007

Seattle P-I of 26 September 2007

Seattle Times of 19 Sept 2007

Sims Won't Take Stand on Measure for Roads and Rails

KING 5 TV News: Sims Takes No Position On Prop 1

Seattle P-I of 16 July 2007

Sound Transit: Billion Surprises

CrossCut.Com of 20 June 2007

Transportation Proposals A Vast Waste of Money

Seattle P-I of 06 June 2007

Transportation Measure Needs Revision

Tacoma News Tribune of 27 May 2007

More bucks for Sound Transit won't mean fewer cars on the road

Seattle Times of 16 May 2007

The hidden costs of light rail across the I-90 bridge

Seattle P-I of 10 April 2007

Sound Transit needs the benefit of a doubter

The Stranger of 16 January 2007

Not There Yet

Seattle Times of 21 February 2006

Grandiose Rail Schemes Do Little to Reduce Congestion

Seattle Times of 08 March 2004

By 6-3, Court opens the door to mischief

Seattle P-I of 05 March 2004

Court's message is voters beware

Seattle Times of 14 November 2002

Sims should pull the plug on "lite" rail project

Seattle Times of 28 September 2002

Sound Transit: Voters set no spending limit